This blog will focus on building eDiscovery Service Teams and how to optimize efficiency and effectiveness while minimizing eDiscovery costs.  The content here is derived from a whitepaper written by Innovative Development LLC.

An eDiscovery Services Team (eST) can be a trusted and valuable ally to the Legal and IT Departments.  Especially when urgent matters impose deadlines and failure can mean expensive sanctions.  This white paper addresses the benefits of creating an eST team that operates independently to ensure Legal Department needs are met and eDiscovery standards are propagated throughout an organization.  This summary assumes some familiarity with the legal requirements of a corporate legal department.  It will identify how an eST team can combine the eDiscovery Reference Model (EDRM), ITIL service definition and ITSM service management methodologies to create an integrated eDiscovery business services team that is able to deliver repeatable, reliable, defensible, metrics-based eDiscovery services throughout an organization.  The eST team becomes an advocate and propagator of good eDiscovery practices within an organization, identifying eDiscovery best practices and their impacts on organizational application systems and Electronically Stored Information (ESI).

The following topics will be discussed in this Blog:

Building an eDiscovery Services Team (eST)

  • eDiscovery Service Strategy
  • eDiscovery Service Design
  • eDiscovery Service Transition
  • eDiscovery Service Operation
  • eDiscovery Quality Assurance and Continual Service Improvement

Legal, eST and IT Responsibilities

  • Legal Department Responsibilities
  • eST Team Responsibilities
  • IT Department Responsibilities

eST eDiscovery Benefits

  • Legal Department
  • IT Department


eST Benefits Matrix