Can you crush it? Can you be just as successful interviewing in front of your computer as onsite in an office? What will set you apart from other candidates? What do you see as an obstacle to your best remote interview?

Virtual Interviews are here to stay…at least for a while.

Candidates are still expected to put their best face forward during the interview process, initial phone calls, and virtual interviews.

Dress for Success:

Dress as if you were meeting the interviewer in their office. Put on your favorite work outfit, this will increase your confidence right from the start.

Know Your Location:

Prior to your interview, determine where you are going to sit. Which room/area in your house has the least distractions? Clear your space and background to avoid distracting items in view for both you and the interviewer. Make sure you have a pen and notepad nearby to write down questions or information easily. Do not sit in front of a window as this creates a very dark image on the screen.

Test Your Video:

Perform an audio/video/wifi test prior to interview time. Make sure your connection is working. Seeing yourself on video will also allow you to make adjustments to your background and location prior to meeting with the interviewer.


Take your time. Just because the interview is remote does not mean you have to rush. Interviewers still want strong answers that tell them who you are and the type of worker you are. Elaborate and make sure to answer the original question.

Have questions prepared to ask the manager about the  position or the company, this further demonstrates your interest in the role. I am always encouraged by candidates that ask me questions during the interview.

Show Your Personality

Show your personality the best you can by sharing examples, acting naturally, or wearing your favorite outfit. Smile, laugh, be your professional self; this will evoke your confidence and let you shine.

Body Posture/Body Movements:

This is a real interview and the person sitting in front of you is still spending valuable time with you, so make it count. Sit up straight in your chair, look directly into the screen. Try to limit sipping water bottles or coffee, an occasional sip is fine. One final tip, we can see your furry friends, but we are not interviewing them too 😊.

Remember: We are all human

Our current world is ever changing, but we are all humans working together to get through the global crisis. Be honest if something comes up and you need to change the date/time. Contact your recruiter right away, if you are having difficulty getting connected to the interview and have additional contact information ready. Need a minute to gather yourself- just ask. We all want a successful, positive interview experience.

Still feeling unsure. Reach out to your recruiter- they will be happy to give you a pep talk and tips on impressing the manager!