Innovative Development creates integrated solutions for your IG, RIM, eDiscovery, Lit-Support and Compliance needs.

  • Information Governance
  • eDiscovery
  • Records Management
  • Litigation Support
  • Compliance

Information Lifecycle Governance

Playbooks for Success

We unite Corporate Legal, Records Management Business Area, Corporate Privacy/Security, and Corporate IT with integrated solutions to solve complex document and data requirements.

eDiscovery Workflow Assessment

This is an objective assessment of current eDiscovery processes and tools. This assessment can also be used to evaluate client readiness for GDPR and help clients apply eDiscovery processes for corporate wide data analytics; including proactive compliance, Research & Development, and Merger & Acquisitions.

eDiscovery Readiness Checklist

  • review
  • test
  • plan
  • remediate
  • implement

Solutions for BYOD and eDiscovery

Mobile devices are here to stay, as is social media. As more robust mobile devices enter the market and prices continue to be reduced, the number of employees using them will only increase. Companies that face the challenges of e-Discovery need to be ready to handle the collection of data from these mobile devices and social media. A proactive approach to Information Governance and e-Discovery, including understanding the types of devices that are accessing the data, defining the standards for accessing data, identifying social media outlets, and knowing how to collect information from the devices and social media is the key to success in this changing environment.

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How Well Do You Know Your Data and Records Management processes? Turn Data Into Knowledge and Reduce Risk Through Good Information Governance. Data volumes are increasing at an ever faster rate. To turn data into information, companies must define and implement processes and standards that are understood and shared across the organization. We help turn thoughts into actions, data into information and records into assets.

eDiscovery Information Governance Big Data

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The New Marshal Rides into Data’s Wild West

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Information Governance

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Full Lifecycle Litigation Support So You Breathe Easier. Litigation Support Professionals Assess, Plan, and Guide You at Every Step. Reduce client risk, improve matter analysis, and streamline data preparation and response mechanisms when Innovative Development engineers your eDiscovery program. Our experience in IT systems, forensic analysis, and eDiscovery delivers the best possible ongoing litigation support. We create a Flexible Framework that Spans Litigation Readiness Assessment, Planning, Support Technology, and Ongoing Support Services.

Innovative Development provides Early Case Assessment (ECA) for litigation at an affordable cost. The ability to successfully index and cull down data in an efficient and timely manner is a strategic driver of ID’s eDiscovery model. This model allows clients to formulate a case strategy proactively and make decisions about a case before costs are incurred for trial.

Litigation Response

  • Early Case Assessment
  • Litigation Hold Procedures
  • Custodian Identification
  • Organizational Responsibilities
  • Individual Responsibilities
  • ESI Content Maps
  • Data Preservation

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