Innovative Development works with our clients to facilitate the automation of due diligence and document management for the M&A process by:

Ensuring that all data sources are tracked, and relevant documents identified and loaded into an appropriate document management and review tool.

Assist clients in gathering information for divestment of existing lines of business and investment in new business.

Create a repeatable, reliable, defensible, and reusable processes which ensures accuracy and completeness.

Leverage cutting edge technologies, including Machine Learning and AI to facilitate fast and accurate document processing.

All M&A services are custom designed to the requirements of our clients. Ask us how we can help you achieve your M&A goal.

Innovative Development works with clients to ensure the M&A activities or a perfect corporate fit – every time.


We work with clients to develop the PLAN used for the divestiture or acquisition. M&A



We work with clients to Identify Targets for M&A based on their corporate VISION.


We work with clients to take ACTION and execute the PLAN based on their VISION.

The Opportunity

Manual M&A activities cost companies an enormous amount of time and resources. Gathering, cataloging, and identifying relevant documents is a dizzying and complex process. The failure to complete the proper Due Diligence can increase risk, costs, lead times, and delay or squander the M&A opportunity, thereby reducing its benefits.

Leveraging Technology for M&A

There are plenty of ‘deal room’ vendors, willing to make as much money as possible on M&A efforts without properly leveraging technology to reduce costs and expedite results. The longer it takes and the more money is spent. The more manual the process…the longer it takes. Let Innovative Development show you how the proper deployment of technology simplifies and accelerates the M&A process..


Innovative Development combines industry best practices, robust technology platforms, and repeatable, reliable, and verifiable workflows to ensure a complete, accurate and risk mitigated M&A effort. Let us show you how AI, Machine Learning and existing in house technology platforms will reduce costs and facilitate your M&A process.


Innovative Development will help you develop a complete M&A plan for technology integration while assessing your current M&A program, including M&A strategy, Target Screening, Due Diligence, Transaction Execution, Integration, and Divestiture. We will help develop and drive the organizational change required to complete the desired M&A transactions.

Technology Roadmap

Innovative Development will help you create a technology roadmap for M&A. This may include examining new and existing vendors, new technologies, including examining your existing applications that could be a fit. Leveraging technology for M&A is useless if it increases costs but brings no value. We will help you thread the needle and maximize value and accuracy of your M&A process.

Due Diligence and Compliance

Innovative Development focuses on three phases of the Due Diligence process: Preliminary, Detailed and Final, to identify the Objectives, Activities and Outputs required to complete the M&A life cycle. Nothing is left to chance, nothing is missed, because the combination of industry standard processes, leading edge technology and superior commitment to excellence guarantees a quality result every time.

Our Approach

Every functional workstream is documented and evaluated. We plan, target and plan again. Nothing is left to chance when it comes to our M&A Due Diligence Planning and Execution.

M&A Due Diligence Planning and Execution

Due Diligence

Leverage AI and Machine Learning


Financial Tax IP Compliance Regulatory Technology Risk Analysis Assets Contracts Employees

TSA Drafting

Transfer Project Quality Phased Approach

Document Management

Transfer Tracking Validation Documentation Toolsets


Cross Team Collaboration Agreements & Timeline Risk Mitigation

Leverage Technology

Apply Machine Learning and AI

QA and Q C

Verify Content Quality Focused Approach Tracking

QA and QC

Transfer Validation Data Assessment Quality Assurance

Web Analytics

Archive Validation Accessibility Confirmation Corporate Policies

Innovative Development works with you to leverage technology to Plan and Execute your M&A Vision