5 Ways to Stand Out When Working With Recruiters

When looking for a job, you are likely to come across a recruiter that is eager to assist you in your search. Whether you are experienced working with recruiters or not, here are 5 helpful tips you should remember throughout the process.Be nice. Remember, when recruiters are looking for candidates, they are not just looking at resumes. They are also assessing your attitude. Candidates with bad attitudes are not going to get very far. Recruiters are looking for people that will work alongside other employees nicely and treat everyone with respect. Be a candidate with an enthusiastic but friendly attitude. This could make or break your chance of scoring your dream job.Tell the truth. Lying to a recruiter is not going to help you succeed. You are encouraged to showcase your skills and experience, but stretching the truth is taking it too far. Remember, you will be interviewed and more questions will be asked. If you are unable to answer their questions, they will know you lied. This makes you look bad and is just wasting both the recruiter and your time. You are more likely to get a job by being truthful throughout the application process.

Take some of the responsibility. Many job seekers spend most of their time waiting for recruiters to follow-up with them throughout the application process. However, reaching out to recruiters yourself for updates along the way isn’t going to hurt. Reaching out like this will only make you look more enthusiastic and invested than other candidates out there.

Sell yourself. Know your strengths and flaunt them. When speaking to recruiters, this is the your time to shine. You need to explain who you are and why you are a perfect fit for a job. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, most times you will only have a few minutes of phone conversation to translate all of this. You need to be prepared and have a list of highlights ready to help showcase your skills.

Recruiters are there to help! Many candidates believe that all recruiters care about is making their placements and lining their pockets. This is not true, yes, they want to make placements, but they also want to be good at their job and help others. That’s right, they want to help you find a job and succeed!