Creating a Great Password

Since passwords are required for all online accounts it is important to create secure passwords. Here are some great tips on how to create secure passwords to protect company proprietary information and personal information.

  • Complex passwords are best. Use upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters, long and unique
  • Change your passwords every couple of months
  • Do not leave your password as the default
  • Do not use dictionary words
  • Do not use passwords that are easy to guess- birthdays, pet’s name, kids name etc.
  • Do not use repeating keyboard patterns: asdf 12345
  • Do not use repeating characters: 2222 or ppp999
  • Do not use the same password for different devices or accounts.
  • Do not write down the password and leave it on or around the device
  • Do not use the option ‘Remember my Password’

If you think your password may have been compromised it is always the best to change it.