Enfuse 2018- May 2018

Join us at Opentext|Enfuse 2018 on Tuesday, May 22nd at 3:30PM for our presentation on Full Lifecycle eDiscovery Process Enablement Using Encase and Recommind/Opentext.

Utilizing an active client example, a case study will be presented that highlights the power of integrating two tools from the Opentext suite (Encase and Recommind) to provide full life cycle EDRM capabilities. The discussion will focus on Business Process Integration and how the tools can be leveraged to support each phase of the life cycle. The Business Process Integration view of the solution provides participants with the roadmap to integrate systems and information for the organization. Successful examples of how to create an integrated model will be shared with the session participants.

The learning objective of the session will be to share a working knowledge of how to integrate two industry leading tools to provide full EDRM lifecycle support. The participants will be provided with tips to utilize and steps to avoid to help develop a high quality solution.

Marc Portner
Principal Consultant, Innovative Development
Marc Portner is a Principal Consultant at Innovative Development. At Innovative Development, Marc is the lead of the eDiscovery Center of Excellence. He has been working in the eDiscovery field for over 15 years providing clients with full lifecycle EDRM solutions. In addition to providing clients with custom solutions, Marc is a recognized speaker on eDiscovery topics and a university instructor on eDiscovery material.

Tim Kurucz
eDiscovery Analyst, Innovative Development
Tim Kurucz is an eDiscovery Analyst and Project Manager at Innovative Development. Tim has a bachelor’s degree in Digital Forensics and has been with Innovative Development for over 4 years. He is the Lead collection and Processing analyst for Innovative Development at the various client sites.