Spooky Revelations in Records Management & eDiscovery- October 2018

Spooky Revelations in Records Management & eDiscovery
Presented by Steven Rodi – Director of Principal Consulting, Innovative Development
ARMA Liberty Bell Chapter Meeting. October 18, 2018

The Nightmare on Unified Governance Street!
Innovative Development (ID) will be presenting an overview of eDiscovery in the corporate environment based on the EDRM (Electronic Discovery Reference Model), IGRM (Information Governance Reference Model) and the concept of Unified Governance. As eDiscovery requirements are propagated throughout the organization, the integration of Records Management, Information Governance, and eDiscovery are creating what some are calling Unified Governance. By combining the needs and support of stakeholders with policy integration a strong linkage is created between legal obligations for information, records management, and IT. This is an exciting time for Records Management and Information Governance professionals to show how collaborating to create dependable, repeatable, and defensible outcomes for all legal matters impacts the whole organization and brings groups with previously disparate interests together.

IDs extensive experience in the corporate world emphasizes how Records Management experts can add value to their organization and how their insights are more valuable than ever. By understanding and promoting the EDRM, IGRM and Unified Governance, Records Management professionals can help identify efficient and cost-effective processes that add tremendous benefit to corporations.

Don’t be frightened about this potentially scary combination of executives, Records Management professionals, eDiscovery experts and legal eagles. Join us for an eye-opening look at how your jobs are becoming more important than ever to help your organization to avoid the hounds of hell, legal witches, werewolf lawyers, Jason wannabees, and other scary actors contributing to the Nightmare on Unified Governance Street!