The Four Horsemen of the Big Data Apocalypse

Today’s computers, cell phones, and websites create an incredible and increasing amount of data. Some data is valuable information; some is just data. However, ALL of it can become relevant for eDiscovery purposes.

Implementing appropriate Records Management, Data Privacy, Information Security, and eDiscovery policies and procedures support the management of Electronically Stored Information (ESI), including the amount of data stored, the rules for sharing the data, the security regime for authorized access, and proper usage in legal situations. Failure to identify, plan, and implement appropriate business procedures addressing each of these can lead to excessive data storage, violations of personal data, security breaches, and incorrect collection and production of data for legal and compliance purposes.

This white paper provides high-value guidance so you can create and implement the following:

an Information Governance strategy
corporate data privacy standards
integrated data security policies
an eDiscovery Response Team
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